… here comes out all of the clichés that, to be honest, I have used too, that is that I love to tell the feelings, the stories, the love, the importance of catching certain moments, making them lasting forever, blah blah blah.

But these are things that any photographer, who does this job, will repeat to you over and over, in a more or less sincere way.

Instead, what I like to think about is that if you choose me, you will have a kind of a writer dedicated to you, who will come to your door that day with a brand new notebook and his precious Canon pencil and will begin to capture details, images, small moments, imperceptible gestures, emotions (ahhh here we are again, the cliché comes back!), simply in his way of looking at the world. After all, isn’t it what you choose when you consider a photographer for such an important occasion?

The wedding pictures you will get are all of own production, MINE, at zero km. If you give me the privilege of being with you on that day, I will be the one to carry them out, personally, with the help of my really valid s(o)upporters, and not a substitute for having accepted more jobs on the same day.

Meanwhile, I wish you a good vision. But we’re going to get in touch, aren’t we?

About a wedding photographer in Rome

photographer in italy | fotografo di matrimoni a Roma

Here I am

I live in a nice house near Rome, where I was born in 1967, the year of Sgt Pepper (I am a Beatle fan, forgive me!), with my family – an extraordinary woman who’s still by my side after more than 30 years (we were little child), and two sons, I am proud of.

I spend most of my spare time with Dustin, the world’s most beautiful Golden Retriever.

Music has been a constant part of my life – first as a musician and now as a photographer. I have portrayed major international stars, I have designed album covers for very important artists, and my photos have been published in leading national and international magazines.

One day, I met lifestyle and wedding photography, and I fell in love with all its beauty and happiness. And now I can’t stop it.

wedding photographer in rome

Why I do it

I could reply this question in a very simple way: I like it, it makes me feel good.

Actually, what I love is making people feel good, people I have the privilege of sharing those important moments with. Memories are our priceless heritage that have to be preserved forever, and being chosen to this purpose, well… means really a lot to me!

I do this, because it’s amazing to make people happy, and this is proven by the comments left by my friends – this is how I like to call them – with whom I shared such moments.

Thinking that over time they will go through their photography albums, between laughters and tears of joy, and will remember that enthusiastic boy, who was so happy to tell their story on that day, makes me a different person.

Happy, indeed, to have given them back, indelible in time, pure emotions.

This is my goal as a wedding photographer in Rome.

About Photography, is about life.

What I do

My goal is very simple: I want to tell your special day through images that go beyond wedding photography.

I don’t want to give you just some pictures: I want to create works of art that will leave you speechless, that communicate the essence of what you are, that tell stories beyond what you see, and that push anyone to stop and look.

I look for the the colors, the light, the emotions that make those days unique and unforgettable, to fix forever those images, like in a capsule of time.

My life in 9 shots

My professional training

I gained almost all of my professional training working at the Officine Fotografiche in Rome. Since 2007 I have been working as a music photographer on both the national and international scenes. In 2014,  I was chosen by the  Rolling Stones as their Italian photographer for their concert held at the Circo Massimo in Rome. In recent years, I have created several album covers and images for booklets featuring Italian performers such as: Nesli, Noemi, Fabrizio Moro, Jovanotti, Velvet, Nina Zilli and many others.  My photos have been published on prestigious national and international magazines such as: Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Observer, Guitar US, The Guardian, Classic Rock USA, Classic Rock Italia, Music Radar, SE Norway and many others. Music is my life, together with my first love: the lifestyle wedding photography in Rome


My archive is distributed by the Contrasto agency, a reference point for quality photography. This group of photographers with whom I collaborate not only works in close contact with the world of information and culture in general, but also it makes it possible for Contrasto to maintain its key role in the fine art photography field. The extremely wide range of activities that it covers (the production and distribution of images for journalism, for advertising and corporate purposes, for fashion and the publishing industry, archives and online consultation) is guaranteed also by the numerous organisations it represents, including Magnum Photos, the outstanding agency founded by Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

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