Probably, I am not the  best italian wedding photographer, but a good one for sure.

This is my first work for this amazing new season.

I met Giorgia and Marco one year ago, it was so easy for me to understand they were so special.

We made together an engagement session in Rome at the fantastic Villa Pamphili, so easy to do it with such a beautiful couple.

2 incredible guys, she is an actress, a writer, a dancer, a singer…well…not a good singer 🙂

Top flower setting, made by  Giovanni Raspante    for the church and the wedding party, the well known Castello della Castelluccia.

Obviously, I was the photographer  , a great privilege.

Probably the best italian wedding photographer! Or probably I am not, but I love it.

Let me play for a while!

Look here to see another beautiful wedding at the Castelluccia

What a great wedding location!