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Talking about money

Destination wedding photographer in Italy

Let’s talk about the investment…


Well now, here we are… this is the part none of us want to talk about! How much will it cost to capture the love, beauty, and emotion by your destination wedding photographer in Italy? Lets talk about it!

Why investing in a destination wedding photographer in Italy?

For your marriage, a destination wedding photographer in Italy is the single best investment you can make on your perfect day.

The flowers you choose, the food you eat, the venue you celebrate in,  these are all wonderful things.  But it’s what you’re celebrating and the people you’re celebrating with that truly define your wedding day.  Being left with cherished memories of your wedding through artfully captured images, that’s what matters the most. 

I’ve been shooting weddings for many years, each one of them chock full of unique people and unique challenges. My goal is to capture your wedding in expressive moments that allow you to remember and treasure them for the rest of your lives together.  

One simple modular package

Having complex, convoluted packages is so early 2000s.  Instead I offer one modular package. That’s your investment:

It’s 1800 euro, includes 8 hours of my time on your wedding day, with the help of one assistant.  If your wedding has a lot of moving parts and multiple locations, or if you wish to have two different point of views, you can add another professional photographer.  If your wedding is an all-day thing, you can add unlimited time. 

Any options are available for prints, album, and whatever you wish.


 A destination wedding photographer in Italy, a good choice

Once you decide to hire me, I’ll send you a contract to sign electronically, and ask for a 20% deposit.  After that’s taken care of, I always love to meet you so we can get to know each other.  If we’re far away we can have a skype call, but I prefer; if possible to meet you in person, preferably with a beer, or a coffee, and talk about your dreams.

I’ll ask you all about you and your story, and tell you how I work and what to expect as we will work together.

We could have a beautiful  engagement session, if you wish, a great chance to meet us before your wedding.

Engagement sessions are as important as they are fun, because it not only provides you with amazing images before your wedding, but it gives me a chance to understand how best to photograph you so that your wedding photos turn out that much more awesome.

Before your wedding I’m fully available to you for all scheduling, photography, or any other needs you might have. I love what I do and I love making sure that your wedding is as perfect and wonderful as it can be, so I’m happy to be a resource, an help on the field,  for you.

Destination wedding photographer in Italy: the great day

On the day of the wedding I will be everywhere I need to be.  You’ll notice very quickly that I am full of energy and ready to tackle any photographic challenge the day throws at me.  You’re my absolute priority, so I’ll be at your side when you need me, and I’ll be somewhere else, shooting something else when you don’t.  While the most important aspects of your wedding are the people that are there and the things they’re doing, I’ll also capture the important details that make your wedding personal.  The flowers, the rings, the wedding cake, everything you wish to have in your memories.  I’ll also do a  portrait session, usually right after the ceremony when the light tends to be nice and warm, to get some amazing shots of the two of you and give you a chance to be alone with each other for a few quiet moments.  Towards the middle/end of your reception, I also love to grab the two of you to get one or two more night portraits.  Pretty much all of my couples say that those are some of the most fun to do! Let me give  you a suggest for your location: have a look to this castle in Umbria: The Borgia.

After your wedding in Italy, a nice surprise

During the week after your wedding I will usually instagram and blog a few of my favorite images from the day.  Four weeks after you tie the knot, you’ll receive a gallery of at least 500 gorgeous photos in your inbox, and a USB drive with those same images in your mailbox.

Mission and investment accomplished. 

If you need further information, read my faq page or get in touch 

To sum up

I’m an artist, and I treat your wedding as respectfully as a painter treats a blank canvas, or an architect approaches the design table. Photography is an art as much as it is a science, and the best wedding photographs are those that aren’t just documentation, or technically correct, but a work of art. A good wedding portrait should be something that hangs on your wall, not only because you’re in it, but because it is beautiful. As such, you shouldn’t be so much hiring a destination wedding photographer in Italy as you are commissioning an artist.  

What makes photography unique among visual artforms–what I love most about photography–is that in the hands of a skilled artist it has a unique potential to tell a story.  A wedding photographer should be a great visual storyteller, and the ability to tell a great story through photography comes from experience, hard work, and commitment to the artform; and that’s what I provide.

I promise that my experience and hard work on your wedding day will produce beautiful, expressive visual stories in each photograph you receive.  It’s my goal that when you look through your images, the two of you will come away with a powerful appreciation and love of each other, the friends and family members that were there to see you get hitched, and ultimately you’ll be left with a renewed sense of purpose for your marriage.