Couple portrait session in Vilnius

Perfect day for a couple portrait session in Vilnius.

It’s a sunny day in October, a gorgeous light coming from the sun that never reaches the top of the sky, a dream for a photographer.

I met Monika and Aidas and their beautiful daughter Meda, at the Bell Tower in Vilnius.
I arrived there a couple of day before, putting together a bit of tourism to my work, and I was thrilled about the colours and the architectures of this beautiful town in Lithuania. Everywhere was so inspiring and amazing for me.
I decided to go around the park and to Užupis, the free republic of Vilnius, with a great story.

The self-proclaimed “Republic” of Užupis is Vilnius’ Bohemian and artistic district. It has its own anthem, constitution, president, bishop, two churches, the Bernadine Cemetery – one of the oldest in the city -, seven bridges, and its own guardian called The Bronze Angel of Užupis, who was put in the centre of the district in 2002.

Dating back to the 16th century, Užupis is one of Vilnius’ oldest districts and despite its current prestigious status, was formerly the city’s poorest area and home to a number of manual workers and a red light-district.

During the Soviet era, the authorities let Užupis go to ruin, and it quickly gained notoriety as the roughest districts in the city. Since Lithuania regained its independence in 1991, artists came and took advantage of the cheap accommodation, and moreover, the city’s art academy is located across the bridge from Bernadinų Gardens.

Now its thriving creative community hosts regular fashion festivals, concerts, exhibitions and poetry evenings.

In Lithuanian, Užupis means ‘behind the river’ and this is proclaimed in a number of languages on its entrance sign. The Vilnelė is the district’s river, and is home to Lithuania’s only mermaid – she’s not real, don’t worry! But she lives on the embankment, and those who give in to her charms will remain in Užupis forever.

I met also Anastasia, a great person that I had the opportunity to see in Rome with her family for a family shooting session, that you can see here.

We had a great time there, and I was so happy to meet her again. She introduce me to Monika and Aidan, and we had a great time too.

When you get in touch with people like them in such an amazing place, everything is too easy.

Colours, love, family, all perfect ingredients for a couple portrait session in Vilnius. Simple as that.


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