the worst part of the game

talking about money

Let’s talk about money…

Well now, here we are… this is the part none of us want to talk about! How much will it cost to capture the love, beauty, and emotion by your destination wedding photographer in Italy?
Let’s talk about it!

Why investing in a wedding photographer 

For your marriage, a destination wedding photographer  is the single best investment you can make on your perfect day.

The flowers you choose, the food you eat, the venue you celebrate in, these are all wonderful things, but it’s what you celebrate and the people you share those moments with truly define your wedding day. What matters most is to be left with cherished memories of your dream day through artfully captured images.

I’ve been shooting weddings for many years, each one of them chock full of unique people and challenges. My ultimate goal is to capture your wedding through candid moments that will allow you to remember and treasure them for the rest of your lives.

One simple modular package

Packages start at €2,000 for an eight hour session with an assistant on the wedding day.

Special rates apply if the ceremony is split across multiple locations, a further photographer is needed, or a full day coverage of the event is required.

Prints and photo books are available on demand at a further cost tailor made for each specific request.

Wedding at the Zurich lake in the Rapperswil Castle

To sum up

Ultimately, I consider myself an artist, who treats your wedding like a painter would with a blank canvas. Photography is an art and science at the same time.

However I truly believe that wedding photographs need to go beyond the simple realms of documentation and technicality. A good wedding image should be something that hangs on your wall not solely because you are in it, but also because it is aesthetically pleasant. Hence, when you plan to hire a wedding photographer in Italy such as me, you are commissioning an artist.

The power of photography resides in its storytelling power. Remarkable wedding photographers are proven storytellers. I am one of them. I guarantee you that my experience and commitment on your wedding day will result in a compelling visual story, shot with unique and high end aesthetic choices, that will leave you both fully satisfied with the final product.