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Larry and Tiffany choose to renew their wedding vows in Italy, at the gorgeous Borgia Castle in Umbria.

I am a destination photographer Italy and I had the privilege to document the Wedding vows renewal of Larry and Tiffany, they had that dream in their mind since a long long time.

I was so lucky to meet them and to have that privilege. That’s the privilege to be a destination photographer Italy

Just a few guest, in a autumn sunny day, with all those amazing colours that only Italy, and Umbria itself, can give to our eyes.

The Borgia Castle is a fantastic location for weddings or any other celebration, I love so much to go there, because of the architecture, the light, and the surrounding, very close to the Trasimeno lake, 2 hours driving from my hometown, Rome.

And the food…wow!

In the 15th century under the Borgia’s domain, the construction was transformed in a fortified advance post.

That area was at that time close to the border of the papal state and site of many wars.
At the end of the 18th century the construction was transformed into a more comfortable residential building, very similar to the castle today.

The last member of the Borgia family who owned the castle is Tiberio Borgia.

There is a stone in the chapel of the castle where it is impressed a prayer where Tiberio Borgia thanks the Holy Mary for surviving in the lake after almost drowning in it.

After the Borgia family two other families followed as owners of the castle.  In 1932 the castle and its big property around the lake was aquired by the family of the owner.

Unfortunately from the 1941 to 1944 the Castle was a war’s site and transformed into a German’s head quarters and point of resistance against the English army.

At the end of the war, once again restored, it has been used as a summer holiday residence for the owner’s family.


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Tiffany is a beautiful person. I spent just a couple of hours before the ceremony with her and  family and friends, and I quickly understood that she is so intense.

Her life with Larry is something you can dream about, you can see in their eyes how much love is around them.

The ceremony was incredible. I cried many times during the readings, but certainly their intensity was unbelievable.

A portrait session around and inside the Castle, as I said, so lovely, and a great dinner with dancing.

So lovely, can’t say more.

Thank you guys. I will keep you in my heart forever.

Let’s continue my life as a destination wedding photographer Italy with my next story!



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