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So, just to finish my great 2017, I met Serge and Christelle, two amazing guys from Lebanon, an incredible country.

They have chosen Rome and its great history for their destination wedding in Rome.

Two ceremonies in a week, one at the great Castello della Castelluccia, close to Rome for their closest parents, and a civil one at the complesso Vignola Mattei a Caracalla.  

Castles are strategically located on top of hills in the countryside or just out of main cities mostly built during the Middle Ages.

Some were fortified residences of lords or noble families, others were defensive structures to control the area immediately surrounding them.

Thanks to their position nowadays castles offer a heavenly setting for an exclusive and romantic wedding day surrounded by history, majesty and comfort.

In the middle of history!

We had a walk at the Capitol Hill for their wedding portrait session, just one hour and half, and then we went to the ceremony, where all their closest friends were waiting for them to celebrate a great exclusive wedding

So beautiful, i will never forget the smiles and the happiness, and Cristelle wedding dress ( Needle & ThreadJad Maison de couture, excellent!)

Do not miss the opportunity to get married in an Italian Castle.


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