Wedding at the Borgia Castle in Italy

This is the story of Rich and Jordan and their wedding at the Borgia Castle in Passignano sul Trasimeno, Umbria, Italy.

A Story of a love at 39.000 feet, that started in a funny flight in the middle of the clouds.

When I read their story in the wedding website, I thought : “wow, that must be a great job”, even if I had just a few emails from them, due to their job and the chaos it generates in lives (airline people as I was!).

The place, then.

A perfect location for your wedding in Italy,  The Borgia Castle, is one of my preferred destination, managed by Julie, owner of Wedding Italy I do.

It’s very hard to find a castle that maintain its personality through the years. When you’re there, you feel like in the middle age.

Nothing is wrong, no artifacts, no silly things like a Disneyland place.

As soon as I arrived, with my special assistant Sara, I met Jordan. She was calm, beautiful, happy.

She was perfectly integrated in the mood of the place, in Umbria, close to the Trasimeno lake, a country of calm and nature.

Rich was wondering around with his friends, waiting for the wedding ceremony, and I saw him a bit later. I just had a short view from the window, nervously walking in the Castle hall.

Great people for this wedding in Italy, coming from the world, Texas and UK in particular. A fantastic mix of joy, friendship and love.

Ceremony and portrait session were beautiful as usual there, and I don’t want to write the classic words to describe it, just one: true.

True, because often I have the sensation of something built just to follow a screenplay, or better, something you have to do to accomplish your part.

Not in this case. True love.

The party in the pool and the dinner in the castle garden were amazing.

But I wish to spend some words about the speeches.

I love this moment. In our italian culture we don’t have this tradition.

But this time, it was like a Tv show. The speeches of Jordan, Rich and their fantastic friends were something that never in the best Broadway shows can be acted.

You have a future, guys!

This is their story in pictures.

For the first time in my life, in this gallery I’ve tried to display the mood of the castle mixed with their emotions. No Black and white (a small pain for me!), like a movie.

I hope you enjoy that gorgeous wedding at the Borgia Castle in Italy

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