L & O, wedding at the Tenuta di Polline

Due to the restyling of my website, I fell a bit behind in posting the latest weddings I have shot.

I must say that Lucia and Ollie brilliantly represent this new beginning at the Tenuta di Polline.

Several weddings got postponed due to the pandemic. One of those was theirs. I have known Lucia for many years and had the pleasure to photograph her as a musician. When she reached out to me from London and asked me to be the image maker for her special day, I felt deeply honored. I did not know Oliver….Such a character!

Two musicians can only be a bubbly combo. Have you have seen a bride and groom that before dinner dress up as the “Beauty and the Beast”? Not to mention the wedding favor with a QR code to access a Youtube video where the couple sings a song from the movie…

Well Lucia and Ollie topped all this with their joy and warm hearts. I need to spend a few words for the top notch location, Tenuta di Polline, and all the lovely staff. You guys are awesome.

Lovely peeps, great images! Love, Luigi



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