Luxury wedding photographer in Italy

Yes, I am a luxury wedding photographer in Italy,

and I am so happy about that.

Because being a luxury wedding photographer in Italy is an honour, in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet!

This country is favourite to millions of tourists. It is an amazing combination of European culture, sunny Mediterranean, seductive cuisine, excellent wines, incredible music and fascinating stile. Furthermore, Italy can boast with a rich history and numerous cultural monuments.

But, for your wedding in Italy, you need something special. Qhat about a Luxury wedding photographer in Italy?

Ravello is something special. as you can see from that gallery.

Ravello was probably founded in the sixth century by Romans colonists who ventured among the mountains, a good shelter to escape the destruction of the Vandal barbarians; the first certain information about Ravello date to the ninth century, when all the towns of the Amalfi Coast are united in the state.

Around the year 1000 the town was populated by a group of nobles of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, who rebelled against the authority of the doge.

The city quickly prospered, thanks to a flourishing wool spinner activity, once called “Celendra”.

In the eleventh century, the inhabitants of Ravello tried to break free from their bonds to Amalfi: the village was surrounded by walls and patrician families started building their sumptuous mansions, electing its own Duke.

In 1086 Ravello also became a bishopric. With the Norman conquest, and their success in the South the decline of Ravello began, which has become part of the kingdom in 1131.

In 1137 the Republic of Pisa devastated Ravello for three days: despite this, the inhabitants of Ravello, clever merchants, had also conquered the Arabian markets, between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and the city reached about 36,000 inhabitants.

So, Laura & Gigi have chosen this luxury and charming location to promise eternal love. Gigi’s family comes from here, so it was so natural to invite all their friends here to have a wonderful and unforgettable wedding in Ravello.

The ceremony was held at the Belvedere della principessa di Piemonte.

No words, something unbelievable, getting married in Italy if front of the mediterranean sea, an incredible view.

Then, for the wedding party, we went to Villa Eva.

A never ending party, until sunrise. Perfect food and drinks, and the happiness and joy of this beautiful family was so exciting for me, doing my job in the best way possible .

Consider the idea to come here for your perfect wedding in Italy. And visit my wedding journal for more fairy tales in Italy, and if you’re searching for a wedding photographer in Italy, you know what to do: get in touch



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