Romantic engagement shooting in Rome

On a beautiful day in May, a great engagement shooting in Rome Villa Borghese

here it is: a romantic engagement shooting in Rome!

This is how I like to work: to tell the places where their story began,  for a love that in a few weeks will see Gilda and Daniele join in marriage, and that day will be a privilege for me to tell that story

Engagement sessions are a moment, for the couple and for the photographer, to get to know each other better, to explore themeselves  and to be ready for the great day.

This session was in Villa Borghese, with that charm and that amazing light early in the morning,  an unforgettable experience.

A walk together, starting from the Casa del Cinema, up to the pond and the stairs, in front of the Gallery of Modern Art, where everything started.

this gallery wants to be a little story, to fix with engagement photos what and how it was a few days before the change to of life that awaits them.

Now, let’s wait for the great day..

E sarà bellissimo.




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