Wedding at Certosa di Padula

This was a gorgeous wedding at Certosa di Padula.

I had the opportunity to meet Emilia, a person of rare intensity, and when she asked to tell the story of her perfect day in such a particular place as the Certosa di Padula (or San Lorenzo), I was so happy.

The Certosa di San Lorenzo is the largest monastic complex in Southern Italy and one of the most interesting in Europe for its architectural magnificence and abundance of artistic treasures.

I already imagined what kind of photos I could take, even if what counts is always the telling of a particular story.

Emilia and Ermanno are eternal young people. They love swing, music, art.

The wedding procession from Emilia’s home, the civil ceremony officiated by a dear friend of Emilia, dinner and an aperitif in the halls of the Certosa, the wedding cake in a truly unusual setting, in short, a lot of very special moments.

All orchestrated by Marianna Cafaro, a talented wedding planner, and set to music by an incredible band from half of Italy, The Hot Swing Propellers led by Jude Lindy. Real excellence in swing and beyond.

So it could only be majestically, intensely, simply, beautiful.

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Let’s go.

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