A & V, gorgeous wedding in Umbria

A wedding in Umbria, green heart of Italy

I am very happy when they choose me for a wedding in Umbria at the Palazzetta del Vescovo.

It is a magical place, both for its splendid position on top of a hill in the Tiber valley, just in front of Todi in Umbria, and for the history of its owners, Paola and Stefano.

La Palazzetta del Vescovo is small luxury boutique hotel family runned located in Umbria on the hilltop with beautiful views of Todi, Assisi and Perugia.

Great views, stunning infinity pool and very peaceful and quiet .Great food experience with the owners Paola and Stefano.
Centrally located to visit the most important Umbrian and Tuscan cities: Todi, Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Spoleto, Cortona, Siena and Arezzo.

Two people who at some point in their life decided to leave their safe harbor, to start this wonderful adventure. Just like me.

And Ann and Vincent, from Belgium, have chosen this beautiful place for their wedding.

With their closest friends, they spent a few days in this paradise, to say they were in the church of San Silvestro in Bevagna, a small jewel of history and art.

Although the rain threatened us, forcing us to be a little worried about the preparations and the journey to Bevagna, in the end everything went perfectly.

Indeed, a warm sun has warmed the atmosphere and allowed us to do an excellent wedding photo shoot in Umbria, the green heart of Italy.

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Then, for more information, you only have to write: a marriage to the Palazzetta del Vescovo is something special, believe me.

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