Wedding photo Rome Italy

Wedding photo Rome Italy, in a rainy, at least at the beginning, day of June.

Tommaso and Chiara, a very rock’n roll couple, with amazing families, and great animal lovers. Wedding photo Rome Italy, there we are!

A wedding on Monday, and this already tells a lot about their amusing character. The subject of their marriage was the “Lego bricks” world, and I must say it could not be otherwise.

Lego bricks were everywhere, at home of both of them, with really beautiful buildings, many on the Star Wars theme, and this could only make me feel better.

After the preparation at home, the ceremony took place in the church of Santo Stefano Rotondo: One of the most ancient churches in Italy with a circular plan, it was probably built in the 5th century and consecrated to the cult by Pope Simplicius at the end of the 5th century.

It is preceded by a portico with five arches on tall ancient granite columns, with Corinthian capitals. Originally it consisted of a circular environment, circumscribed by two concentric ambulatories, formed by two raws of columns: the external ambulatory was intersected by the four arms of a Greek cross, at the ends of which there were four chapels.

Pope Innocent II, in the 12th century, ordered to add the entrance portico and the three great transversal arches of the internal area, using two very tall granite columns. Pope Nicholas V, in 1453, made the church renovated by reducing its diameter.

Not to be missed is the inside of the small church, absolutely unusual and very particular, rich, along the walls, of frescoes by Pomarancio, Tempesta and other artists, impressive for the representation of the atrocities inflicted on Christian martyrs.

One of the chapels contains a 7th century Byzantine mosaic showing two martyrs who were buried in the church.

After some shots in front of the church and in the Ostiense neighborhood, the reception was held in the Porta del Principe, an elegant location in the New Fair area of ​​Rome, small but very comfortable and with an excellent menu. A simple, fun party, just like the newlyweds. My concern was to take a picture with Lego bricks as the protagonists, and after stealing all the set-ups on the tables, I finally succeeded!

Wedding photo Rome Italy, a good choice, ever



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