And finally, start 2017 season as an italian wedding photographer in Santa Marinella.

To begin here to you one of the best couples: Elisa and Roberto, two small conventional guys of Rome,  to use a euphemism… While she completed the preparations in lovely Odescalchi Castle of Santa Marinella, helped in the organization and the planning by the amazing girls of E20 management, Roberto came directly from his parents’ home.

A perfect day, with a springtime that celebrated the colors of the sea and the castle park.

The ceremony in San Giuseppe small church at  Porticciolo, right in front of the villa’s entrance. Reception in the Castle, with an excellent party. Just like them, but this was clear from our first meeting already. Elisa is so sunny with such a charming smile and enthusiasm that didn’t leave any doubts on the outcome of the party, in a dress from Cerrato atelier designed by Regina Schrecker.

Then Roberto, a real gentleman wearing a top hat, stick and a Carlo Pignatelli suit. Don’t forget the presence of their beautiful Labrador, that behaved fine, snoozed all day and awakened during the party, which probably didn’t have its favorite music. But I don’t want to go too far: now a good view of this short preview …

Waiting to meet you again for the vision of the auditions

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