Wedding photographer Italy Tivoli in a Valentine’s day

February 14 is the most romantic day of the year, an important day for all lovers, and this year,  I portrayed some of them as wedding photographer Italy Tivoli, the first of the new season!

Ancient Tivoli, called Tibur Superbum by Virgil in his Aeneid, has a much longer history than Rome’s and dates back to 1215 BC, when it was considered the most important point of convergence of different peoples.

Luis and Marta, a couple of very welcome foreign guests in Italy, have chosen the wonderful Tivoli, thanks to the excellent organization of the Wedding Planner Julie Palombaro to celebrate their most important day. And they choose me as a wedding photographer, so happy!

She is from Slovakia, he comes from Colombia: love, real love, has no geographical boundaries and we met in this gorgeous city of art and culture, the ideal wedding destination

A small but lovely group of 11 true friends have participated with joy in a simple and spontaneous wedding where the true feelings were the protagonists, undisputed rulers.

My best wishes to Luis and Marta, forever.

May you have a long and happy life together.

So happy to be a wedding photographer in Italy, this time in Tivoli.


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