My approach to photography

How I will photograph your wedding

The first thing I think when I am about to start a new wedding is extraordinarily exciting:

“Woooah, today I am going to write a new story!”

That’s really how I feel: every time it’s like starting the first page of a new notebook, with its white pages, and the good smells of something new. So exciting

And in front of it, there’s only me, with my pencils, ready to imagine your wedding tale.

I just have my fantasy, my style of writing – with the light – and my experience, which comes from the life I’ve lived, from the books I’ve read, from the films I’ve seen, from the photographs I’ve taken and from those I’ve imagined doing.


My wedding service

My offer is simple, not so many confusing packages and options. Having complex packages, in my mind looks so old fashioned.

Instead, I offer you one modular package.  Starting price is 1800 euro, includes 8 hours of my time on your wedding day.  If your wedding has a lot of moving parts and multiple locations, you can add another photographer.  If your wedding is an all-day thing, you can add unlimited time.

I follow the events with my cameras, and the final result is an organic and natural record of your day, spiced up with my artistic touch. When I photograph the couples I focus on their emotions, feelings and their connection with each other, rather than the cheesy poses.

I love both editorial and documentary style photography. I bring a combination of those two styles to your wedding and document your day as it unfolds.

I search for natural light and I use it as much as possible, and I bring out the flash only in dark reception areas.
And, as a wedding photographer Rome, I promise you the images you receive will be ones you will treasure forever.

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What is your approach?

My style is often described as being of a documentary-creative nature. My experience gained as a photojournalist working within the world of entertainment and music in particular shows that I will capture your big day just as it happens, naturally, without any interference either on my part or on that of my collaborators. In any case, I will put tons of pure energy into my work and the right amount of time into the portrait session, or rather the photos portraying just the two of you. I look for the most suitable light as well as the most intriguing corners and scenarios, in order to make your portraits unique and images which remain indelible throughout time.

Do you photograph our wedding?

Sure! In each session you book with me (wedding, engagement or lifestyle), you will have me there to capture your event. In my approach to documenting your day. I usually have a second shooter, I have found that having two photographers captures different perspectives and candid moments, which adds emotion to the story of your day.

Do you also cover family group and detail photos?

Of course I do!  The photo story of a wedding would not be complete without excellent details and family group photos, which remain indelible pieces of a family history. I take exactly all the photos you can expect or which you would desire, yet my objective is always that of going that bit further, wishing to astonish you with images that you would never imagine it was possible to achieve.

How do we book you for our day?

To move forward working together, I just ask a 20% deposit of the total investment price to be paid at the time of signing the contract. Thats it! The remainder of the balance is due two weeks before the wedding. It can be paid in installments or in full, whichever is easier for you

How much can we expect to pay to have you photograph our wedding?

We have several different price points. The average client spends around 2000 euros for full wedding day coverage. However, I also have investment options above and below that point. I offer special off season pricing as well as options for elopements.

How many weddings do you take every year?

I take on a limited number of weddings per year in order to provide the best possible service to each and every couple, and to dedicate my time and creativity fully to each wedding. I prefer working with couples who value photography, and desire highly artistic photos. So if you enjoy my style, please do get in touch! I would love to hear from you! :)

Do you travel to other cities to cover weddings and photographic services in general?

Absolutely! Even if I am mostly a wedding photographer Rome, It is actually one of the things that I prefer doing. I work everywhere, especially between the Tuscany, Umbria and Campania regions as well as in the Lazio region where I currently live. I don’t set myself any limits.

What equipment do you use?

I use professional Canon equipment and have back ups for our back ups:)

How many photos are there in the photographic service?

Obviously this depends on the wedding as well as how the events develop. On average, I deliver a minimum of approximately 500/700 photos, depending on the package chosen.

How will we receive our photos?

I will provide you with all the processed photos (colour/black-and-white) either in a high resolution .jpg format or on a personalised USB memory stick

When will we receive our photos?

I usually deliver the sample photos for you to choose from four weeks after your wedding photoshoot, yet this also depends on the period in which the event takes place. This happens about 90% of the time.

Can we have other photos printed other than those included in our chosen package?

Of course! Whichever ones you wish, they are yours. I can help you as regards the printing of these photos and provide them for you.


Derek & Meredith
Luigi creates masterpieces with his lens. He knows how to manipulate light to get the shot he wants. Pure magic! So easy to work with, and such a kind soul. We knew from his portfolio we were getting an amazing photographer, but once we got our pictures we were just blown away. He is one of the great Italian artists right up there with Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo in our book.
If you do not choose him for your wedding or photoshoot you will regret it.
Luigi was introduced to us by our Wedding Planner. We got married at Borgia Castle in Umbria, and he travelled out from Rome. He speaks English very well. We gave us all of our pictures on a USB drive. It came in a beautiful surprise package.
We look forward to meeting up with him next time we are back in Italy for dinner.



Vanessa & David, from U.S.A.

We were introduced to Luigi by our wedding planner, we were planning a wedding from the United States. We wanted a photographer to capture not only our special moments, but moments of everyone who joined us for our wedding!! We were blessed to have been able to be married at Il Borgia castle and so incredibly thankful we were able to work with Luigi and Andrea!! They were so patient, sweet and professional. While planning from so far away I had so many questions, requests and wanted to make sure all details were taken care, and Luigi made sure to make me feel confident that all was taken care of!
On the day of our wedding it was as if a longtime friend was there taking all of our photos! Luigi was so easy to work with and was able to capture some amazing photos from our fairytale!!! I would highly recommend working with Luigi for anyone who is wanting absolutely gorgeous photos!!
When we return to visit Italy we will be contacting Luigi for another photo session!!!



Giorgio & Chiara, from Rome

Besides significant and serious professionals, Luigi and Andrea are two sensitive men who love their work and happy to immortalize the joy of the people. Their work has been exceptional, photographing the most intense moments of our wedding service, without having felt the need to suggest anything or make any request. When you meet people who know how to do their job, the words aren’t necessary; there are the photos that speak for Luigi. He is intent, serious, creative but, above all, devoured by the passion for the photography. In every shoot, we breathe this love which arises from every photo taken the day of our wedding. To do this job isn’t enough to be good, but we have to love everything that we do. This is the secret of great snaps. With Andrea, they form an insuperable pair that even more make valuable an already good work. We recommend to everyone the professionalism, cleverness, and competence of these photography masters. Their photos are astonished and impress, because they touch you and make relive the emotion of that moment, besides one of friends and relatives. What to say: thanks.


The wedding photo album

The wedding photo album is a special product; it is the icing on your wedding cake. You don’t have to order it, I allow my clients to freely choose whether to order it or not; however, if you wish to enhance the value of your photos and you would like to keep a vivid, tangible memory of your special day, I advise you to have one created; whether it be in a digital or a traditional form (the one with photos printed and glued inside), the choice is up to you. The albums that I propose are definitely not conventional photo albums, I would be offering you a true and proper Photo-book, prepared and edited with extreme care, professionalism and originality, as this must be a volume that narrates your love story. This will be a wedding photo album with a touch of class, as top quality photos must be printed on the best paper and multi-media aids at our disposal. One of my preferred is Emmemade

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