Are you searching for some wedding photographers in Italy? 

Wedding photographers in Italy are so many: let me show you a story of a sparkling wedding in Rome.

It’s the story of the most beautiful day of Martina and Stefano. A very hot day in July,

We met exactly one year ago for an engagement session with the aim to take some pictures for their wedding invitations, such a great idea.

But certainly we have cultivated a special feeling. We always had fun, we felt a thousand times for different reasons, we laughed and joked.

And here’s their photo story, 2 July 2016.

A beautiful church, San Giovanni a Porta Latina. 

According to a collection of stories written by Tertullian at the end of the second century, St. John the Evangelist underwent martyrdom at Rome by being immersed in boiling oil, from which he emerged unharmed.

He was later exiled to Patmos.  

The tradition for the building of the Basilica of St. John at the Latin Gate places its construction during the pontificate of Pope Gelasio (492-496).  

Further, this is confirmed by the oldest of the roof tiles, which have the imprint of a taxation stamp for the Emperor Theodoric (495-526).  One of these ancient roof tiles is now used in the Basilica as a lectern. 

The place of this martyrdom was traditionally said to have occurred at the Latin Gate (located on the southern portion of the Roman wall).  

This is referred to in the martyrology, which was begun in the seventh century, where already there was a celebration in honor of the martyrdom.

So many friends, very colorful and sparkling, like them! Never seen an exit from the church so intense and noisy.

And then,  for their wedding party at the luxury Villa Appia Antica, in its marvelous park and with a really TOP layout, nothing really lacked.

A part the wrong penalties in Italy-Germany that for a while caught everyone’s attention, with a commentary on Stefano’s microphone.

I’m not so good at writing, but of emotions and joy, I think the photos tell enough.

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